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Soccer Results | Moday 7 October 2019
FT St Eteinne

Lyon 1-0
FT Barcelona

Sevilla 4-0
FT Inter

Juventus 1-2
Soccer Results | Sunday 6 October 2019
FT Torino

Napoli 0-0
FT Frankfurt

Bremen 2-2
FT Sociedad

Getafe 1-2
FT Valladolid

Atletico 0-0
FT Rennes

Reims 0-1
FT Newcastle

Man Utd 1-0
FT Brest

Metz 2-0
FT Dijon

Strasbourg 1-0
FT Montpellier

Monaco 3-1
FT Nantes

Nice 1-0
FT Toulouse

Bordeaux 1-3
FT Genoa

Milan 1-2
FT Osasuna

Villarreal 2-1
FT Mallorca

Espanyol 2-0
FT Fiorentina

Udinese 1-0
FT M'Gladbach

Augsburg 5-1
FT Celta

Bilbao 1-0
FT Arsenal

Bournemouth 1-0
FT Man City

Wolves 0-2
FT Southampton

Chelsea 1-4
FT Roma

Cagliari 1-1
FT Atalanta

Lecce 3-1
FT Bologna

Lazio 2-2
FT Lille

Nimes 2-2
Soccer Results | Saturday 5 October 2019

Angers 4-0

Parma 1-0
FT Leverkusen

Leipzig 1-1
FT Bayern

Hoffenheim 1-2
FT Freiburg

Dortmund 2-2
FT Paderborn

Mainz 1-2
FT Burnley

Everton 1-0
FT Liverpool

Leicester 2-1
FT Madrid

Granada 4-2
FT Leganes

Levante 1-2
FT Brighton

Tottenham 3-0
Soccer Results | Thursday 3 October 2019
FT Barcelona

Inter 2-1
FT Liverpool

Salzburg 4-3
FT Lille

Chelsea 1-2
FT Valencia

Ajax 0-3
FT Zenit

Benfica 3-1

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